Meet Catherine Aubale Epstein

Catherine is a French-American real estate broker that recently set her international roots in Nashville, opening her brokerage Platinum South in 2016. She began her career in San Francisco in 1974, and has represented many buyers in both America as well as Paris in millions of dollars of transactions. She specializes in single family homes, as well as smart property investments, offering a personal buying and selling experience for home buyers and investors.

Platinum South offers its clients every facet of real estate transactions, from personalized buying and selling, to property improvements and rental property management.

Personalized Property Acquisition Process


your needs, wants and budget and show you how they relate to market realities.


for properties and start an evaluation for bank loans finding the right bank, qualifying you for a loan, gathering all necessary documentation.


potential matches and email you photographs, video tour, and background information on each property selected for you.

Property Touring

Touring through and offering professional opinions on each property that you want to see.

Offer on the property

When a match is found, and you agree with us on the choice, we make an offer on your behalf on the property and negotiate the terms & conditions for you.


We will not only coordinate but supervise each step of the deal along the way to make sure we arrive at a smooth closing.

Renovate and/or Remodel

If you decide to renovate the property, we have done many remodeling and we have trusted contractors and painters.

Property Management

We offer property management services, and oversee it on your behalf.


We can help you rent your apartment during the time that you are away, through our network of leasing agents and vacation rental services.